Joyful Moments at Sister's Uptown Bookstore

 and Cultural Center Book Launch Celebration

 for A Gift To Treasure, a novel of suspense

 by  Judy C. Andrews

     My book event at Sister's Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center for my recently published novel, A Gift To Treasure, was one of the happiest and most joyful occasions of my life! 
     A special thank you to members of the Harlem Writers Guild, the National Writers Union, and the owners of Sister's Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, Janifer Wilson and Kori Wilson.  I have deep admiration and respect for you, a group of etraordinary authors/artists that I am honored to know.
     Sister's Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center is a much needed blessing, and I am honored and grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my work there with all of the fabulous people who came out to celebrate my latest book along with me.
     The Harlem Writers Guild and the National Writers Union are two excellent, professional organizations every author/artist should participate in.  
Photo Credits:  Ansel Pitcairn,  Eartha Watts-Hicks,  Alfonso Nicks, Jr.
                           Gene Anthony Edwards, Jr.

Judy with Master Poet,

John Robinson

Judy C. Andrews at Sisters Uptown Bookstore

Judy with Magnificent Poets, Taneka L. Wilder, and Blogger Marc W. Polite

Judy with long-time friend and

colleague, Senior

Paraprofessional, Seva Amos

Members of the Harlem Writers Guild, Inc.

Members of the Harlem Writers Guild, National Writers Union, and Sister's Uptown Bookstore patrons

Judy C. Andrews with her latest novel, A Gift To Treasure

Judy with Graphic Artist, Ansel Pitcairn

Judy with Freemason, Writer, and Activist, Gene Anthony Edwards, Jr.

Judy with Author, Film Producer, and Activist, Oscar Sanders

A Gift To Treasure, and An Ocean of Jewels (graphic design by Lorraine Currelley, Author and Executive Director of Poets and Network Exchange}

Judy with Harlem Writers Guild Member and Author, Andrea Broadwater

Patrons at Sisters Uptown Bookstore were also able to purchase Judy's first novel, An Ocean of Jewels