The Gathering of Gemstones: A Poetry Collection 
                                            by Judy C. Andrews

"...The memories of my early morning walk forced a chill up my spine.  I wasn't telling anyone about that..."

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           The setting for the novel, An Ocean of Jewels, by Judy C. Andrews, is a fictional town in Jewel Park, New York, whose residents are from a (fictional) Gullah/Geechee island in Georgia, named Eva Creek Island.  The ancestors who originally inhabited and structured this island were African and Native American.
     The main character in the novel is Imani Jewel Henderson, a former foster child.  She decides to seek the knowledge of her rich heritage when her father dies at Christmas on her 29th birthday.  Treasures are in her grasp.  Will she find them?  She embarks on a journey to discover her father's mysterious past and the root of her mother's pain.
     Readers will learn the riveting details Imani uncovers about her family's history and herself.  Join her with a glass of teacola, some warm sweet potato pone, and a dollop of suspenseful, thrilling curiosity.
     Other cultural traditions in the novel refer to the Gullah/Geechee Prayers Houses, worship services, Colorism, Orphan Trains, The Jewish Holocaust, and Bedford-Stuyvesant's historic Weeksville community.  Food too: spoonbread, frogmore stew, shrimp and grits, and grilled mullet.  So, join me as I conjure...
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" "...That night I learned the art of dancing people used to wipe tears away..."
An Empowering Story of
Self-Love & Forgiveness
     Civil Rights Activist, Mary Jane McLeod Bethune, explained how important it is to "invest in the human soul," because she felt that everyone is "a diamond in the rough."  The Gathering of Gemstones: A Poetry Collection, by Judy C. Andrews, explores the possibility of hope in an ever-changing world, through her personal reflections on conditions that affect the human experience, with emphasis on her African American culture, the beauty of the natural world, Earth, the universe, and the magnificent colors that shape them.
     A sensual and spiritual collection of poetry covers a range of topics using the motif, light.   
     Subjects of this collection include love, romance, relationships, and social issues.  Traditional, poetic genres, such as sonnets, cinquains, and free verse are among Ms. Andrews's favorite forms of poetic expression, as well as non-traditional genres. 
    This artistic work of literature invigorates, entertains, and inspires readers from all walks of life who enjoy creativity, artsy work, sexy language, and rich words of power.  The world is filled with enchanting possibilities.

Shocking. Suspenseful. Compelling.

A Gift To Treasure
A Novel
by Judy C. Andrews
       How are smart, teenage girls lured into the world of sex-trafficking and abuse?  The narrator, Treasure, takes the reader into the life of a 14-year-old girl who knows the answer and is brave enough to share it!
     The newly married narrator, Treasure Fields Hawthorne, paints a bittersweet image of her Gullah/Geechee hometown, Jewel Park, New York.  She learns, through the secrets of a teenager, that her loving, predominantly African American town, has changed in plain sight. 
      Although the town's historic, cultural legacy remains untouched, Treasure discovers that a teenager's devastating life story can destory the town's legacy, the teen's life, and even her own.  The teenager's story unfolds to reveal a horrific misuse of power and criminal activity involving sexual abuse, sex trafficking, medical insurance fraud, and illegal prescription drug dealing.
     With the help of her Freemasonry community, Treasure seeks to overcome dangerous situations in order to restore the honor, dignity, and respect of her town and its residents, but how will she do it?
"Gather your jewels of joy, wherever you are..."