"My greatest joy is to have people listen to something I've said or written and come away feeling enlightened, motivated, and good about who they are, or who they aspire to become."
From: An interview with Judy C. Andrews:
By politeonsociety.com
                                      DREAMING BIG...
        Today, a world of opportunities for authors of color has expanded beyond the grueling wait for an agent.  Social media rules!  So do self-publishing platforms.  Book launches and fabulous parties that range from high school communities, to celebrities and community organizations, help inspire writers in their journey.  Books certainly opened my world to some great adventures that helped take the sting of foster care out of my publishing journey.  My novel, An Ocean of Jewels, helped me heal.
        I've had some terrific adventures.  I've served as a children's advocate for former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's National Commission on The International Year of the Child.  I represented the concerns of New York state teenagers.   I've worked as an executive secretary, an intern at a television station, a freelance writer, an editor for romance magazines, and an educator.
     I've done some travelling to Africa, visited some great American states, Hawaii being my favorite, and I had the opportunity to VOTE for America's first African American president, Barack H. Obama.  I also had a chance to see First Lady, Michelle Obama, in person during her book tour. Those events were blessings. Today I can proudly call myself a published author!



  About the Author
     Judy C. Andrews received a Master of Arts degree in English/Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from The City College of New York.  She has worked as an educator, freelance writer, editor, and a presidentially appointed children's advocate.
     Ms. Andrews is a member of the Harlem Writers Guild as well as the New York chapters of The National Writers Union, and PEN America.  She is presently working on her fourth book, another novel of suspense.  Her historical, fictional, thrilling novels, An Ocean of Jewels, and A Gift To Treasure are reflections of her Gullah/Geechee heritage.  Her most recent workThe Gathering of Gemstones: A Poetry Collection, explores the themes of love, hope, and peace in an ever-changing world.
     The characters in her literary works seek ways to rectify dangerous situations or experiences in the predominantly African American communities of fictional towns in Georgia and New York.
     Ms. Andrews enjoys cooking, taking long walks in warm rain, and sightseeing.