A Gift To Treasure

                              A Novel

                     By Judy C. Andrews

       The newly married narrator, Treasure Fields Hawthorne, paints a bittersweet image of her Gullah/Geechee hometown, Jewel Park, New York.   She learns, through the secrets of a teenager, that her loving, predominantly African American town has changed in plain sight. 

      Although the town's historic, cultural legacy remains untouched, Treasure discovers that a teenager's devastating life story can destory the town's legacy, the teen's life, and even her own.  The teenager's story unfolds to reveal a horrific misuse of power and criminal activity involving sexual abuse, sex trafficking, medical insurance fraud, and illegal prescription drug dealing.

     With the help of her Freemasonry community, Treasure seeks to overcome dangerous situations in order to restore the honor, dignity, and respect of her town and its residents, but how will she do it?

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